In Europe with us!

Superficie 8 designs effective tools for evolution and growth for companies, organizations and people, through services ranging from strategic planning to online and offline marketing, from communication to design and web-design and content strategies, from professional training to European design, from tools for internationalization to territorial marketing.

Creativity and professionalism are the basis of every project and customer satisfaction is the main mission of Superficie 8. Superficie 8 is the hub that involves many organizations: Superficie 8, La Gramigna, Piattaforma Sud , Masterschool, Oxford School.

We have been involved on several EU projects and have matured a lot of experiences in different sectors:

Youths & Adults School and Education
We have taken part in projects involving both school drops out and several education innovative strategies projects:  School Still Plays, Cips,  Ahead, Writer, Online Innovation, Media Literacy, Like, Aqua.TS. Furthermore we project and execute educational courses for youths and adults, unemployed and for working people.

Food & Agriculture
We have taken part in projects regarding new approaches to the food industry: Appetite, Tastycheese Tour, Innovation technician for quality and biodiversity of the oil industry

We have taken part in projects concerning the promotion and the valorization of the    territory creating new appealing activities and routes to increment tourisms: Eubike,         TastycheeseTour, Aqua.ts, Ahead

Creativity & Culture
We have taken part in very important project cocerning the performing art and the entertainment industry: EU-collectiveplays, Chimera, Medialiteracy, Crea project

Business and enterprises
We have taken part in projects regarding development and improvement of business and enterprises: Ippon, Chimera

Special Educational Needs
We are involved in projects that focus on people with Special Educational Needs: Senpower, Ahead
If you are looking for a partner for any of the above categories, we would be very happy to collaborate with you and share our experience, professionality and know-how.


If you want to build a European project, we are the partner you are looking for! Contact us!