Check up & Alerting

Check up & Alerting

Are you developing new ideas? Do you have a project that needs economic support?
LIFE+COSMECreative EuropeErasmus+Europe for Citizens and Horizon2020: are some of the many direct funding opportunities the European Union offers to businesses, local authorities and non profit organizations so they can grow and innovate.

At a national and regional level too there are numerous opportunities, such as the European Social Fund (ESF)Rural Development Programmes (RDP)European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and many other national calls for proposals based on other funds.

What we can do for you


Bring the idea into focus through the compilation of an online form


Identification of the idea’s strong and weak points


Preparation of a feasibility study of the project idea and matching with potential contributions or funding at subsidised rates


Alert on periodic announcements of interest