Course to qualify as a worker in ceramic art

Aims of the course

In Italy there are 6 centres of traditional ceramic art, and 4 of these are in Umbria, whose relationship with this art is entwined in its history.  Ceramic art is one of the emblems of the “Made in Italy” brand and Umbrian ceramic companies are engaged in a bid to position themselves in markets that look to Italy as a world capital of art and the culture of “luxury goods”. But to reach these new results of growth and competitiveness they need to acquire new skills and new workers in the “hand made” field.
This is the starting point for the idea of this training course.
The objective of the course is, in fact, to train a professional figure able to create handcrafted ceramic and terracotta objects, through design, modelling, moulding and decoration.


Under the guidance of master artisans the participants will learn all the techniques necessary to: design the object; read and interpret the design of the object; make a sketch according to the requirements of the customer or to a personal idea; choose the raw materials for the clay mix; create a prototype of the object; glaze the object; carry out and monitor the firing phase; finish the product.

224 hours

€ 4.000,00

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