Social media marketing

Social media marketing

Every day on Facebook about 1 billion searches are carried out, on YouTube users upload hundreds of millions of hours of video, on Instagram more than 80 million photos are shared, on LinkedIn 78.8 million people connect up and on Twitter more than 400 million tweets are posted.
These numbers should convince you that Social Media are part of our daily life. It’s here that every day your potential clients converse, search for information and share news, video and pictures.
Now, although creating a public profile on any social network is simple, managing it with the aim of obtaining specific results is not. To generate high quality traffic, create a network of people who are really interested in your brand and turn contacts into customers, you need a thorough knowledge of the dynamics of each social network, to plan your online presence and to carry out effective and targeted social media marketing campaigns.

What we can do for you


Develop and implement a social media marketing plan appropriate to your business goals


Create a social network editorial plan


Manage your public profiles


Create digital PR activities


Offer assistance and training in management of the company web pages


Create and manage advertising campaigns


Monitor the social media marketing campaigns launched


Provide quarterly reports on the results achieved