Sound technician course

Aims of the course

In any multimedia production, whether strictly musical or more generally audio-visual (from radio to television, but also web services such as web radio or multimedia sites) the Sound Technician plays a central role.  The aim of the course is to train a professional figure able to cater to the needs of this market.
In particular, after training, this professional figure will be in a position to: identify the technical aspects of the sound plan depending on the performance, the spaces available and the setting; prepare the system and the equipment for the diffusion or the recording of sound; reproduce and diffuse the sound during the show and handle relations with people both internal and external to the organization in question.


With the guidance of expert teachers from the world of show business, course participants will learn all the techniques necessary to take, record and reproduce sound in live performances and recording studios.

224 hours

€ 4.000,00

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